KISS Event 2017 March Item Set INM + Cosplay Costume Set
KISS Event 2017 March Item Set INM + Cosplay Costume Set
(2,526 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 250,000,000CR.
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*VRLE Maid Outfit
*Live Idol Set
*Apron Set
*Simple Qipao Set
*Magician Set
*Race Queen Set

*Leg Skin
*Burned Skin

*Center Spotlight
*Crescent Gradation
*Sweet Point
*Simple Sidelight

【Eyes highlight】
*Three Straight
*Incline Light
*Soft Diamond
*Center Bright

*Troubled Eyebrows
*Angry Eyebrows
*Short Round Eyebrows

*Thick Lipstick
*Thick Lipstick - Blue
*Thick Lipstick - Purple
*Thick Lipstick - Pink
*Thick Lipstick - Black
*Thick Lipstick - White
*Thick Lipstick - Green
*Thick Lipstick - Yellow
*Thick Lipstick - Light Purple
*Thick Lipstick - Light Pink

*Ethnic Crest
*SD Character "Secretary Maid"
*SD Character "Yamato"
*SD Character "Tomboy"
*SD Character "Coodere"
*SD Character "Tsundere"
*SD Character "Jyunshin"
*SD Character "Yuna Akabane"
*SD "Ginga S Namaid"
*SD Character "Mikoto Nishiamane"
*SD Character "Megumi Karasaki"
*SD Character "Ai Shiina"
*SD Character "Sakura Ichinose"
*SD Character "Ayumi Miyahara"
*SD Character "Yoshiko Doya"
*SD Character "Tomboy"
*SD Character "Onee-chan"
*SD Character "Yandere" - R
*SD Character "Coodere"
*SD Character "Tsundere"
*SD Character "Jyunshin"

You can purchase and download this product for all-ages version only.
The adult version of this product is sold as other product.
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Released date(JPT)7-17-2020
Earned CR250,000,000CR
Needed capacity148,539,204 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.