Denkigai-fair 2020 summer Item set INM
Denkigai-fair 2020 summer Item set INM
(1,783 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 17,000,000,000CR.
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*Sexy Security Service Se
*Sexy Mini Maid Outfit
*Mini Qipao Set

*Stay Home T-shirt

*Animal Nails - Cat
*Animal Nails - Dog
*Animal Nails - Bear
*Animal Nails - Chick

*Half Body Tattoo
*Half Body Tattoo - R
*Japanese-style Tattoo
*Animalistic Fur

*Thick Lips - Red
*Thick Lips - Light Pink
*Thick Lips - Pink
*Extremely Natural Lips

*Round Diamond
*Bottom Heart
*Artist Highlight

■Eyes highlight
*Rounded Diamond
*Red and Blue

*Carefree Stance
*Feigned Ignorance
*Crouching with Guts
*Ready to Stab
*Sexy Shot on Knees

■Studio mode background
*Shooting studio

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Released date(JPT)10-16-2020
Earned CR17,000,000,000CR