Denkigai-fair 2021 Summer Item Set Summer festival SP INM
Denkigai-fair 2021 Summer Item Set Summer festival SP INM
(800 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 80,000,000CR.
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■Where the plug-in applies

■New Event

Heroine type:Muku Majime Rindere

*Summer festival date
*Summer festival minigame


*Shooting game


*Festive Yukata Set


*YES/NOT T-Shirt - A
*YES/NOT T-Shirt - B
*YES/NOT T-Shirt - C
*YES/NOT T-Shirt - D
*YES/NOT T-Shirt - E
*YES/NOT T-Shirt - F
*Home Time T-Shirt
*Home Time T-Shirt - Preppy Girl
*Home Time T-Shirt - Extreme Masochist
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Front - A
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Front - B
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Front - C
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Front - D
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Front - E
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Front - F
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Back - A
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Back - B
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Back - C
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Back - D
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Back - E
*YES/NOT T-Shirt Back - F


*Fox Mask - White
*Fox Mask - Black
*Red Oni Mask
*Blue Oni Mask
*Hyottoko Mask
*Okame Mask
*Empire Hero Mask


*Rough Skin - Sides
*Rough Skin - Butt
*Rough Skin - Stomach
*Rough Skin - Back
*Rough Skin - Underbust
*Rough Skin - Chest
*Rough Skin - Left Leg
*Rough Skin - Right Leg
*Rough Skin - Left Arm
*Rough Skin - Right Arm
*Rough Skin - Full Body
*Mask Tanline

■Beauty mark

*Flowing Blood - Head (Left)
*Flowing Blood - Head (Right)
*Flowing Blood - Cheek (Left)
*Flowing Blood - Cheek (Right)
*Flowing Blood - Mouth (Left)
*Flowing Blood - Mouth (Right)


*Diagonal Lights
*Deformed Crescent
*Center Hook
*Broken Glass
*Gear World

■Eyes highlight

*2-Point Ovals
*3 Close-Up Contacts
*Dazzling Lights
*Big Dipper
*Splash Lights


*Bring It
*Vanishing Ninja
*Sitting Cat

■Studio mode background

*Festival Shrine

■Studio mode item

*Cotton Candy
*Bottled Ramune
*Hot Dogs
*Red Oni Mask
*Blue Oni Mask
*Fox Mask - Black
*Fox Mask - White
*Hyottoko Mask
*Okame Mask
*Empire Hero Mask
*Goldfish - Red
*Goldfish - Black
*Goldfish - Yellow
*Goldfish - White & Orange
*Telescope Eye Goldfish
*Green Turtle
*Sea Urchin
*Goldfish Bowl
*Goldfish Bowl with Seaweed
*Goldfish Bowl with Goldfish
*Indoor Fish Tank
*Indoor Fish Tank with Goldfish
*Caramel Candy
*Beckoning Cat
*Mini Boss Bear
*Mini Boss Bear - Black
*Elephant Piggy Bank - Blue
*Elephant Piggy Bank - Pink
*Yoshiko Doya SD Portrait
*Yoshiko Doya Portrait
*Yume Minazuki Portrait
*Dull Gold Trophy
*Silver Trophy
*COM3D2 Package
*CM3D2 Package
*Cat Plushie - White
*Cat Plushie - Brown
*Boar Plushie
*Clobits - Red
*Clobits - Pink
*Clobits - Green
*Clobits - Yellow

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Released date(JPT)11-25-2021
Earned CR80,000,000CR
Needed capacity335,771,655 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.