NEKO WORKs - NEKOPARA - Collaboration Costume & Karaoke Dance Set INN
NEKO WORKs - NEKOPARA - Collaboration Costume & Karaoke Dance Set INN
(3,947 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 390,000,000CR.
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Costume set

*NEKOPARA - Maple casual clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Maple maid clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Maple bangs
*NEKOPARA - Maple Long hair
*NEKOPARA - Maple ahoge

*NEKOPARA - Cinnamon casual clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Cinnamon maid clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Cinnamon bangs
*NEKOPARA - Cinnamon back hair
*NEKOPARA - Cinnamon pony tail

*NEKOPARA - Azuki casual clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Azuki maid clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Azuki bangs
*NEKOPARA - Azuki back hair
*NEKOPARA - Azuki pigtails

*NEKOPARA - Coconuts casual clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Coconuts maid clothes set
*NEKOPARA - Coconuts bangs
*NEKOPARA - Coconuts Ahoge
*NEKOPARA - Coconuts Long hair

-New Event

※This DLC can only be played at heroine types of “Muku”, “Majime”, “Rindere”.
*Collaboration, start!

-New Dance

*SWEETxSWEET-Karaoke ver.Tsundere&Coodere(Sakura Momoka / Teduka Ryoko)
*SWEETxSWEET-HyperKaraoke ver.Tsundere&Coodere(Sakura Momoka / Teduka Ryoko)
*SWEETxSWEET-Karaoke ver.Friendly&Lady(Akashi Yuki / Kashiwagi Aika)
*SWEETxSWEET-HyperKaraoke ver.Friendly&Lady(Akashi Yuki / Kashiwagi Aika)

You can purchase and download this product for all-ages version only.
The adult version of this product is sold as other product.
Released date(JPT)01-27-2022
Earned CR390,000,000CR
Needed capacity1,301,912,493 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.