Custom Order Maid  Costume Set Halloween Party SP
Custom Order Maid Costume Set Halloween Party SP
(1,929 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 190,000,000CR.
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The data for Custom Order Maid Costume Set Halloween Party SP, which is currently available, was replaced during maintenance on November 04.
We fixed a problem that caused the game to crash when selecting the『本当にしたいことは』event.

After the maintenance on 11/04, if you download the above DLC again, you will be able to play the events included in Custom Order Maid Costume Set Halloween Party SP without crashing, even with the above two heroine types.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused to users.
We hope you continue to enjoy our products.

The following will be added to the edit menu.

*Artifact Witch Set
*Sexy Pumpkin Set

*Mage Bangs
*Witch Bangs

-Back Hair
*Mage Bound Hair
*Witch Long Hair

-Hair Extension
*Mage Pigtails
*Witch Pigtails

-New Event

Heroine type:Muku
*Halloween fireworks!?
*Then, grab a spoon and dig in!
*A reward worth giving

Heroine type:Majime
*Treat and treat
*That's why matcha would be good
*To be together forever

Heroine type:Rindere
*A costume that would suit me?
*An accent of salt
*Time spent with friends

-November 04 update-

☆Heroine type:Blunt
*What I Really Want to Do
*An Embarrassing Misunderstanding
*Thinking of Something Sweet

☆Heroine type:Preppy Girl
*Celebrity Halloween
*Aim for the Top
*Sharing Treats

-Studio mode items
*Jack O' Lantern
*Halloween Boss Bear
*Halloween Candle A
*Halloween Candle B
*Halloween Candle C
*Halloween Candle D
*Halloween Candle E
*Halloween Cupcakes

-Studio mode Back ground
*Halloween Cafe
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Released date(JPT)10-21-2021
Earned CR190,000,000CR
Needed capacity294,605,496 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.