CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 Season pack 2019 Summer
CUSTOM ORDER MAID 3D2 Season pack 2019 Summer
(2,261 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 22,000,000,000CR.
Related tagsSeason Pack, Costume Set
This set includes following items.

*GhahGhah sailor set
*Sea cafe costume set
*Ao Dai set

*Sea cafe management event
*Sea cafe management route

-Studio mode items
*Plate for food
*Fried noodle
*Canned beer
*Beer in a beer mug

-Studio mode Back ground
*Sea cafe

1. The event of this DLC can only be played at heroine types of “Muku”, “Majime”, and “Rindere”.
2. In the case of purchase of costumes only, items of background, event, and items for studio mode are not included.
Also, even if you purchase all the costumes, no background or event will be attached.

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Released date(JPT)09-12-2019
Earned CR22,000,000,000CR
Needed capacity269,742,559 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.