Boyish hairstyle and costume set
Boyish hairstyle and costume set
(1,840 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 180,000,000CR.
Related tagsCostume Set
The following will be added to the edit menu.
*Casual Hoodie Sett
*Zip Hoodie Set
*Sweater Vest Uniform Sett

*Adventurer Bangs
*Beautiful Asymmetry
*Drop Down

-Back Hair
*Adventurer Hair
*Very Low Ponytail Tied-Back Hair
*Tight Tied-Back Hair

-Hair extentions
*Low Mini Ponytail
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Released date(JPT)10-09-2020
Earned CR180,000,000CR
Needed capacity173,333,276 bytes
*More empty space will be needed to apply the product, due to decompressing files, etc.