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COM3D2 Hair Set Chronicle

COM3D2 Hair Set Chronicle

(3,060 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 300,000,000CR.
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*Loose Short Bangs
*Cool Short Bangs
*Secretary Bangs
*Medium Wave
*Soft and Fluffy Bangs
*Natural Airy Bangs
*Loose Front Hair
*Cool, Sharp Bangs
*Natural Bloom Short
*Clamp Bangs
*Deep Love Bangs
*Inside Bangs
*Inside Common
*Fresh Short
*Maine Coon Bangs

-Back Hair
*Loose Short Hair
*Cool Short Hair
*Pop Short
*Casual Bob
*Soft and Fluffy Tied Waves
*Twin Hairbands Wavy Long
*Normal Short Hair
*Curling Bloom
*Clamp Long Hair
*Deep Love Long Back
*Bound Ponytail
*Light Braided Short

*Fresh Short
*Maine Coon Long Hair

-Hair Extentions
*Natural Twin-tails
*Natural Side-ponytail
*Natural Side-ponytail-R
*Loose Twisty Twin-tails
*Loose Twisty Side
*Loose Twisty Side-R
*Small Tail

-Side Hair
*Broken Sidelocks

*Natural Double
*Loose Hair
*Fresh Curl

Released date(JPT)08-10-2022
Needed capacity467,482,436 bytes