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CM3D2 Hair Set Chronicle

CM3D2 Hair Set Chronicle

(3,161 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 310,000,000CR.
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*Intake Wave Bob
*Curly Side Hair Bangs
*Straight and Blunt Bangs
*Beautiful Long
*Charming Short Hair Bangs
*Sporty Front Bangs
*Very Short Bangs
*Round Casual
*Spiky Short Bangs
*Center Curls
*Round Straight-Cut Bangs
*Short and Smart Front Hair
*Wild Front Hair

-Back Hair
*Braided Hair with One Strand in Front
*Braided Hair with One Strand in Front-R
*Little Bind up Long
*Charming Long Hair Back
*Sporty Short Back
*Mysterious Braids
*Ringlets Hair
*Low Knot Ponytail
*Spiky Short Hair
*Two Short Pigtails
*Bound Short
*Short and Smart Back Hair
*Moderately Low Bound Ponytail

-Hair Extentions
*Soft Side Ponytail
*Soft Side Ponytail・R
*Soft Pig tails
*Soft Long Pigatails
*Soft Long Side Ponytail
*Soft Long Side Ponytail-R
*Hair with Bun Ponytail
*Short Ponytail
*Slender Low Ponytail

Released date(JPT)08-10-2022
Needed capacity357,837,442 bytes