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Yandere Weapon Accessory Set [Swords]

Yandere Weapon Accessory Set [Swords]

(408 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 40,000,000CR.
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This product is only available in the normal body version.

*Sheathed Katana
*Katana Sheath
*Katana Sheath: Arm


*Scimitar: Both Hands
*Scimitar: Both Hands
*Scimitar: Right
*Dagger: Both Hands
*Dagger: Left
*Dagger: Right

*Demon's Gauntlet
*Demon's Gauntlet: Left Hand
*Demon's Gauntlet: Right Hand
*Short Sword

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Released date(JPT)07-20-2023