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Studio Mode Upgrade Pack Vol.01

Studio Mode Upgrade Pack Vol.01

(1,980 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 190,000,000CR.
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The following will be added to the edit menu.

*This content will be added below COM3D2/KCES
*Goldfish Pair
*Heart-Shaped Sand Vessel
*Playful Ghost
*Heart Electrocardiogram
*Double Flower
*Relaxed Turtle
*Hand-Painted Clover (Beauty Mark)
*Heart Bandage (Beauty Mark)
*Cat Trio (Beauty Mark)
*Friendly Dog (Beauty Mark)

*This content will be added below COM3D2
*Face Veil
*Chocolate Stick
*Attendance Log
*Opera Mask
*Gift Box
*Inner Tube
*Rose Choker
*Spider Lily Earring Left
*Spider Lily Earring Right
*Open Fan
*Closed Fan
*Magic Wand
*Ping Pong Racket
*Mini Devil Trident
*Pointer Stick
*Leaf Umbrella
*Toy Mallet
*Lover Ring
*Fried Dango
*Cursed Sword
*Long Fake Nails

-Edit Mode Pose-
*Waking Up Pose
*Seductive Kitten
*Bending Backward
*Seductive Breasts
*Seductive Midriff
*Two Sides of the Same Coin
*Flash of Inspiration
*Vengeful Spirit
*Hopping Vampire
*Gyaru Peace Sign
*New Era Peace Sign
*Bursting with Energy
*Gyaru Peace Sign 2.0

-Studio Mode Motion-
*Meeting Up
*Here, take it!
*Let's get going!
*Wall Tap
*Desk Tap
*Meeting Up 2
*Falling on Butt
*Bed Dive

Normal Body
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High Poly Body
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Released date(JPT)03-07-2024