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Maid Karaoke Dance Special DIVA Edition

Maid Karaoke Dance Special DIVA Edition

(2,791 YEN / S-court points)
This product comes with 270,000,000CR.
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-New Karaoke Dance-
*1st only you-Karaoke ver. Blunt
*1st only you-Karaoke ver. Friendly
*1st only you-Karaoke ver. Gyaru
*mainly priority-Karaoke ver. Blunt
*mainly priority-Karaoke ver. Friendly
*mainly priority-Karaoke ver. Gyaru
*The Tears of Regulus-Karaoke ver. Blunt
*The Tears of Regulus-Karaoke ver. Friendly
*The Tears of Regulus-Karaoke ver. Gyaru

Released date(JPT)03-14-2024